Gardens Will Grow Where I Sleep

by Sonder

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released August 2, 2015

All songs written and performed by Sonder.
Engineered and Mixed by Jamie Birkett
Mastered by Bob Cooper



all rights reserved


Sonder UK


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Track Name: I Should Be Asleep
The trees are bare
The leaves surround my feet
Like fragments of a person I used to be
The little I loved, and all I hated
18 years spent wasted
Time stands still
We pass by
Arrive, catch a glimps and die
In the end we're all the same
Skin stretched over skeleton frames
I may be skin and bone
But I've endured more than you know
You'd think after all this time I would have
Learned a thing or two about letting go
I missed the blurred line in my adolescence
Where aspiration turned to vacancy
And I lost sense of direction
Prominent bones long for the unknown
Without a body, everyone's a ghost
Track Name: Stay Inside
My get up and go
Got up and left me
I want to be alone
I hope you don't find me
Can't stay awake to long
Spend too much time alone
My sense of failure always finds me
And lets me know
I'm working on closing doors
Coming to terms with my flaws
Break the silence
Like my knuckles on the wall
The sky, like a low ceiling
I lie awake, I want to be nothing
Maybe it's the ache in my chest that I get
And I know that I said that I'd try my best
But I lay in my bed and it plays in my head
All the things that I said that I'd do, but never did
Don't care enough, stay inside
Care too much, get left behind
Track Name: Talk Over Me
Keep me numb
Keep me distracted
Keep me lost
Keep me stranded
Stare into my quiet side
Couldn't say I didn't try
Pull apart my fraying ties
Sleep all day but I'm still tired
Absence tremors through the sorry view
Grey clouds crash against the missing blue
Nothing's new
See me through
No one wastes time like I do
All we really are is hollow
We all arrive and leave alone
If I don't wake up tomorrow
I'm better off just let me go
Track Name: Stuck
I yearn for familiar smiles on faces I've not seen
I long for common ground in places I've not been
I crave to rest my head that's somewhere nowhere near
I don't hate where I'm from I just hate that I'm still here
I find comfort in getting lost
Take me there and leave me there
Trace a map of the world and consider your existence
Forget about life and fantasise about the distance
Try to fill the gap between me and what's real
With things that don't matter, I'd rather not feel
What a waste of time
I wont waste my time
Track Name: Growing Pains
My stare is locked with the eyes of youth
Try to adjust my grip, as it's coming loose
Everyone I know is leaving soon
So I'll remain in solitude
Moving on to better things
But I'm so scared of being stuck forever
In this routine
Trying to feel complacent
But I'm losing patience
What if this is all there is
Track Name: Earthing
Until death my vessel takes me
Gardens will grow where I sleep
Drown out my thoughts with the sound of grinding teeth
This form is making me empty
I feel numb, I feel nothing
Treating every day
Like dead skin as it falls away
Everything is temporary
Reach into me
Pull out the burning worry
Every day another spade of dirt closer to the grave
Guilty of life, sentenced to live
Hands of sanity, a sieve and I'm sand
My voice cracked like the concrete
Home is an ache in the gut, a thorn in the foot
My knuckles crack like the concrete
When I sleep, don't look for me
I will be bodiless and free